"DublDom" franchise is your way to establish a successful business that will have competitive and established product.


If you are interested in becoming a franchisee please fill in an application form and direct it to com@dubldom.com




- Uniqueness. You become the only manufacturer of modular homes in your area.
- Trademark. Ability to use the trademark of "DublDom" and all the promotional materials.
- Information. We will provide you with the recommended manufacturers and suppliers of components needed. Also, for some areas we can offer extensive customer base.
- Marketing. We will publish the information about you on the official website and information resources of DublDom.
- Brand.
The product is already well-known in many countries.
- Affordability. Moderate requirements for the equipment and production facilities.



Terms of franchising:

Lump-sum payment - 10.000 $
Royalty - 5%



Training and Support:

- Materials. We provide the franchisee with all the necessary documentation and materials
- Training. We will show the technique and teach the process of manufacturing
- Consultation. We will help to choose the equipment that fit the needs
- Support. Online
support while you are getting started and later on
- Information about any updates
- Information about ongoing activities, exhibitions and promotional campaigns.


Franchisee requirements:

- The desire to establish long-term partnership
- Willingness to maintain the reputation and image of the project
- Compliance with all the quality standards
- Compliance with the technologies of DublDom manufacturing
- Willingness to invest in production and the first exhibition house



Requirements for the production site of the franchisee:

- Heated area of 1000 m2
- Acquisition Saws, saws and end hand tools
- The minimum size of the entrance gate (HxW) 3100x3000.
- Minimum number of employees - 5 people
- Experience with wooden structures and engineering networks (plumbing, sewage, electricity)



Basic terms of cooperation:

- Partner alone purchases the materials and components for construction
- The cost of a product is determined by "DublDom" and can not be altered without its consent
- Partner independently and at their own expense
purchases all the necessary equipment for the production of DublDom
- Partner independently produces and assembles DublDom



If you are interested in becoming a franchisee please fill in an application form and direct it to com@dubldom.com




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